Director of Housing & Community Service

Mr M. Tekwa



To become an excellent provider of quality and affordable accommodation and social service by 2030.


To provide quality and affordable Housing and social Services in an effective e manner to the community of Rusape


  • Provision of affordable stands of commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and recreational purpose.
  • Provision of Community Service.
  • Provision of Health Service

Housing Department Provide the following Services

  • The delivery of land for different socio-economic uses within Rusape Town Council Jurisdiction.
  • Keeps records of all allocation.
  • Supports decentralization of plan approval
  • Collects revenue from all Council rented properties.
  • Research, Plan and Monitor the implementation of socio-economic development projects within Rusape

Departmental Sections are as follows;

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Services

                          - Halls
                          - Public Toilets
                          - Recreational Facilities
                          - Cemeteries