Town Planning


  • Manages the Town’s physical environment as dictated by the provisions of the RTCP Act and supportive statutory enactments.
  • Responsible for the preparation of statutory planning and development control documents and implementing the provisions of the same by facilitating, guiding, controlling, monitoring and enforcing developments and activities on land as envisioned in the provisions of the operative Master Plan and policy prescriptions.
  • Responsible for crafting and formulating statutory and non-statutory policy proposals that guide and direct development on the land under Rusape Town’s area of jurisdiction.
  • Processing subdivision and consolidation applications in terms of Section 40 of the RTCP Act (Chap 29:12)
  • Processing change of use/special consent applications in terms of Section 26 of the RTCP Act (Chap 29:12)
  • Facilitating the processing of change of reservation applications and approval by the Minister in terms of Section 49 of the RTCP Act(Chap 29:12)
  • Advising Council on spatial planning matters as they arise.
  • Spearhead development control on land under the jurisdiction of Rusape Town Council
  • Layout Preparation in terms of Section 43 of the RTCP Act (Chap 29:12).
  • Monitor implementation of approved layout plans in terms of seeking for survey instruction, cadastral surveying and servicing of stands
  • Peg identification and relocation
  • Design of building plans for Council Projects